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The 4-Hour Workweek was turned down by 26 out of 27 publishers.After it was sold, the president of one potential marketing partner, a largebookseller, emailed me historical bestseller statistics to make it clear—thiswouldn’t be a mainstream success.So I did all I knew how to do. I wrote it with two of my closest friends inmind, speaking directly to them and their problems—problems I long had—and I focused on the unusual options that had worked for me around theworld.I certainly tried to set conditions for making a sleeper hit possible, but Iknew it wasn’t likely. I hoped for the best and planned for the worst.May 2, 2007, I receive a call on my cell phone from my editor.“Tim, you hit the list.”It was just past 5 P.M. in New York City, and I was exhausted. The bookhad launched five days before, and I had just finished a series of more thantwenty radio interviews in succession, beginning at 6 A.M. that morning. Inever planned a book tour, preferring instead to “batch” radio satellite toursinto 48 hours.“Heather, I love you, but please don’t $#%* with me.”“No, you really hit the list. Congratulations, Mr. New York Timesbestselling author!”I leaned against the wall and slid down until I was sitting on the floor. Iclosed my eyes, smiled, and took a deep breath. Things were about tochange.Everything was about to changeAmazing Book.

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