تحميل كتاِب INVISIBLE TOUCH – ALEXIS KARPOUZOS pdf رابط مباشر


تحميل كتاِب INVISIBLE TOUCH – ALEXIS KARPOUZOS pdf رابط مباشر

تنزيل وتحميل كتاِب INVISIBLE TOUCH – ALEXIS KARPOUZOS pdf برابط مباشر مجاناً



Alexis karpouzos (born April 09, 1967, Athens city, Greece) is an Greek-born philosopher and psychological theorist. His work focuses mainly on creating an “universal theory of consciousness” in which the insights of eastern and asian mysticism, the Hegel’s dialectical ontology, the post-philosophical thought of Marx, Nietzsche, Freud, Husserl, Heidegger, also the modern physics and the higher mathematics come together to form a coherent picture of the Kosmos. In 1998 alexis karpouzos founded the international center of learning, research and culutre, a wisdom forum for studying issues of science and society in an integral way. He has been a visioner in the development of post-history sense of cosmic unity and the integral consciousness.
ألكسيس كاربوزوس (ولد في 9 أبريل 1967 ، مدينة أثينا ، اليونان) هو فيلسوف يوناني المولد ومنظر نفسي. يركز عمله بشكل أساسي على إنشاء “نظرية كونية للوعي” والتي فيها رؤى التصوف الشرقي والآسيوي ، وعلم الوجود الديالكتيكي لهيجل ، وفكر ما بعد الفلسفي لماركس ، ونيتشه ، وفرويد ، وهوسرل ، وهايدجر ، وكذلك الفيزياء الحديثة و تجتمع الرياضيات العليا لتشكيل صورة متماسكة لكوزموس. في عام 1998 ، أسس ألكسيس كاربوزوس المركز الدولي للتعلم والبحث والفنون ، وهو منتدى الحكمة لدراسة قضايا العلم والمجتمع بطريقة متكاملة. لقد كان رائدًا في تطوير معنى ما بعد التاريخ للوحدة الكونية والوعي المتكامل.
Alexis Karpouzos’ thought is a poetic metaphysics. His philosophical and spiritual thoughts transcend all limits of language, culture, and nationality. In his writings, the poet and mystic takes us on a spiritual quest and gives us a glimpse of the infinite in the midst of the finite, unity at the heart of all diversity, and the Divine in all beings and things of the universe. Alexis karpouzos is one of the most influential mystic poets and teachers of our time. Deeply spiritual and profoundly sensitive, his verse speaks to people from all backgrounds who seek a deeper understanding of self, life creation, Universe, and love. Overwhelmingly mystical and lovely in its simplicity, this unique collection offers insight into Alexis karpouzos’ heavenly desires, his ongoing quest for the joy eternal, and illuminates the remarkable diversity that made him the bridge between the spirituality of the East and West in our time. Mysticism is a word derived from Mystes. Mystes comes from Greek language word Muein. It means to keep quiet. Mysticism is the faith that knowledge of Cosmos and of real truth is independent of the mind and sanity. Study mysticism if you want to. It will give your heart joy, your mind inspiration and your life a true, fulfilling and soulful assurance. But do not try to define it. Do not try to interpret it. If you try to define and interpret the mysticism, you you will most deplorably fail. are bound to fail.

He says: We get experiences: from science, scientific discoveries; from history, historical revelations; from philosophy, philosophical data; from religion, religious doctrines. In these experiences, we see the presence of subject and object, essence and existence, vision and reality. But a mystic experience, which is immediate oneness, transcends all such distinctions. This experience is the constant oneness with the Beyond, the ever transcending Beyond that always remains ineffable. When it is oversimplified and underestimated, it comes down from its original sphere and stands beside religion. But even here if a person is sincere, he will realize that his highest religious experience is nothing more than an uncertain, obscure and faint perception of Truth; whereas, no matter what kind of mystical experience he has, he will feel the intensity, immensity and certainty of Truth. Yet are our souls the Immortal’s selves within, Comrades and powers and children of the Unseen.

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