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ماجستير في علم الاجتماع وباحث في مجال علم اجتماع الحروب.
كاتب ومترجم للواقع عن طريق البنية الروائية المناسبة.
ناشط ميداني في مناطق الصراع ومدير مشاريع اجتماعية وثقافية في الداخل السوري.
Overview :
The book, which we are honored to present today, is a novel written by Bilal Mohammed al-Daj on the Syrian revolution from the outbreak of the peaceful popular movement in March 2011 until the military intervention, through the most important developments and major turning points witnessed by the Syrian people’s revolution . In this book, Bilal al-Daj does not hide his complete partiality to the revolution of the Syrian people, and to cling to all difficult and tragic stages. This book recounts the facts and events of the Revolution of January 25, 2011, through the writer’s experience of the revolution under military service. The importance of the book is highlighted in the fact that its author was one of the activists driving the revolution.
Bilal Al-Daj was founded on the firm belief that supporting the continuation of the Syrian revolution is part of the will to build a free, democratic, secular and revolutionary Syria that seeks to eliminate all forms of social and religious disparities and discrimination. In his view, the Syrian revolution aims to support the people’s right to self-determination, and to guarantee the democratic and political freedoms of all females and males, while abandoning their support opens a dark and tragic path . As is well known to all those who are interested in Syrian affairs, the Syrian revolution has witnessed since its outbreak sharp and hostile struggles over its nature , the causes of its explosion and the role of the various political and ideological forces in determining their content , drawing paths and trending of their development.

Is it a revolution stemming from the real needs of the Syrian people for an alternative regime based on meeting their urgent demands for freedom, social justice and democracy, or is it a conspiracy supported by external regimes to dismantle the Arab region? What is the fate of the popular demands that have blown the Syrian revolution on its arduous and bitter path? What is the world’s position on the right of the Syrian people to self-determination in the face of the worst dictatorial regimes in the region?

Target Audience :
Many Europeans are trying to understand what is happening in Syria after being shocked by the huge wave of asylum in 2015, so they often go to search for the country’s online history and what their political parties offer about them, which is often not neutral. However, the book is a very accurate and close source of all the details of the Syrian scene, so we would like to present it to the foreign reader to be his guide to identifying the countries that have been in the world’s newspapers for years. This source is the literary, narrative and documentary work presented by Syrians in their testimony about what happened in their country, to provide a complete picture of the world’s history.

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